Just when everything was going right for the New York Jets, disaster strikes in New York.  Braylon Edwards, the Jets star receiver, was arrested early Tuesday morning for DWI after his car was pulled over for having tints. This team is no stranger to bad publicity, just last week the organization made headlines for allegedly making inappropriate gestures and “catcalls” to a female reporter inside their locker room. What will this mean for Braylons future ? Well, this weekends upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins is in question, but his future with the team is also now a major question mark. A free agent to be, do the Jets really want to re-sign him to a multi-year deal in the off-season ? Time will tell, but for this teams sake, hopefully he plays his tail off and contribute to this team in a positive way for the remainder of the season.

Now, on to the teams on the field play. After last weeks miserable performance, the hated New England Patriots came to town after an impressive victory over the Bengals. If the Jets lost, they would fall to 0-2 on the season, and would continuously be ripped apart by the media. Worst of all, it would mean the Patriots, would be 2-0 and in first place in the division. There is no team I hate more then the Patriots, in any sport, and to be at such a disadvantage this early, in the most built up Jets season I can remember, it would be a crushing blow. As a Jets fan, however, you learn to expect these things over the years.

Fast forward to halftime. Patriots are winning 14-10, the Jets best defensive player, Darelle Revis, left the game due to a hamstring injury, and the offense is still as embarrassing as it was last week. Three Jameson on the rocks down, many to come. I’ve seen this before, the Jets are primed to give the fan-base another let down, the cruel New York media licking their chops, and the rival Patriots are well on their way to another victory.

Then something I didn’t expect to happen, well, happened. Mark Sanchez, the quarterback of the New York Jets, grew up before our very eyes. Having the best half of his young career, he outplayed the three time Super Bowl champion, his counterpart of the evening,
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Jets rallied and scored 18 unanswered points, defeating the Patriots 28-14. In just 30 game time minutes, the Jets fan-base turned their pain and suffering into ecstasy and euphoria. They put down their pitch forks and picked up their bottles.

Mark Sanchez after the Jets defeat the Patriots.

Next up, Sunday night against the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins are in first place in the division, and are the only team that beat the Jets twice last season. Interesting story lines (like always with these Jets) lead up to this battle. The Jets coach, Rex Ryan, stirred up the rivalry in January. During a MMA fight, Ryan was interviewed over the jumbo tron and was repeatedly boo’d by the Miami crowd(go figure). As Ryan was leaving the arena, fans on their cell phones caught him giving the middle finger to the crowd. He also got into a verbal war with linebacker Channing Crowder. There is no love lost between these two teams, and with first place on the line, you better believe this game will be intense from the opening kick off. Actually, scratch that, it’s already intense.

Lets hope Braylon Edwards is sober enough to play this weekend, and we see more of this : Braylon Edwards taunting the Patriots after a TD.

And if he does play, and happens to score a touchdown, I’m hoping he walks in a straight line on the goal line as a celebration.

Lets go JETS !