Before we get into this weeks Jets-Bills matchup, lets have a quick recap of Sundays exciting win against the division leading Dolphins.

First things first, let me make this clear, my most hated NFL team is far and away the New England Patriots, but the Miami Dolphins are defiantly come in second. That is why losing to them twice (twice !) last season was inexcusable. That is why when the Jets came out firing, leading 14-0 in the first half, I will admit I got a little cocky, even went as far as talking trash to Dolphins fans I was around (shocking right?). Then, like clockwork, the Dolphins must have heard the infamous “Donny jinx” and rattled off 17 unanswered points to take the lead 17-14 in the third quarter. But this years team is different, it has a different vibe to it. Before the pessimists could even think about muttering the evil phrase “Same Old Jets”,  Mark Sanchez reeled in the biggest fish of the season (pun intended). Just one play after the Dolphins took the lead, Sanchez hit Braylon Edwards (remember him?) for a 67-yard touchdown, and the Jets never looked back.   In true Jets form though, the game came down to the last play, and as Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was intercepted in the end zone, Jets Nation finally let out a sigh of relief. After all the turmoil, the negative headlines, the media bashing after their opening weekend flop, the New York Jets were finally where they were supposed to be – first place.

After the game, the Jets showed the league why they are different than the rest of the leauge. They showed why every team in the league hates them, and its simple… They talk the talk, and then they walk the walk, all while having fun in the process. It showed when Rex Ryan, the loud mouth head coach of the team, dumped a Gatorade cooler over a players head. I know, the player was former Miami Dolphins DE Jason Taylor, and it was a home-coming type game, but when have you ever heard of a coach dumping Gatorade on a player ? I won’t even get into the fact that it was only Week 3, Gatorade baths are usually given to the coach after a meaningful game (playoff clinching game, milestone game,playoff games, championships, farewell game). This was none of the above. It was just the Jets being the Jets. A bunch of loud mouth grown men that still remember that this is a game, and it should be fun. And that is the reason if their on your team, you love them, if they are your opponent, you hate them. And that is fine with the Jets, they actually enjoy it. “You don’t get a target on your back if your a bad team” said Rex Ryan. True words coach.

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan

As for next weeks division game against the Buffalo Bills, it has all the makings to being a “trap game”. The Jets are coming off two tough division games, and now face the easiest of the AFC East. Division games in general are always tough, but lets be real, the Bills are awful. Yesterday they fired their quarterback that won the job during preseason. Things are getting ugly in Buffalo( I honestly didn’t think it could have gotten worse), and with a Monday Night game the following week against the Minnesota Vikings, the Jets need to be extra focused not to overlook the Bills. It would be very easy to do that, especially with all the sideshow drama the Jets-Vikings showdown (Farve returning) is going to receive. Add in the fact that Calvin Pace, the Jets best pass rusher, might be able to make his first start of the season after breaking his foot in the preseason, and you can see how the Jets might be  getting overly confident and losing this game. That would bring out the “Same Old Jets” comparisons, but like I said before, and I will say all season (hopefully) this years Jets are different.

Lets hope I’m right, and the Jets do what they are supposed to do, and that’s to take care of business in Buffalo, and come back to New Jersey still in first place.

Lets Go Jets !

PS, I felt the need to post this South Park clip because of last weeks victory over the annoying Miami Dolphins.

Enjoy :