Last season, Opening Week.

New head coach, new rookie quarterback.

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson, best WR in the league.

On the road against a very tough Houston Texans team.


This had all the makings for the Jets season to start off with an 0-1 record. In this league however, the games are won and lost on the football field, and not the headlines. That is when Darrelle Revis earns his paycheck. The Jets CB was given the job of containing Texans All-Pro WR Andre Johnson. Revis responded by shutting down Johnson, and instantly a star was born. Oh yeah, the Jets wound up winning that game too. But after the game, new coach Rex Ryan wasn’t the storyline. New quarterback Mark Sanchez wasn’t the storyline. It was Darrelle Revis who stole the show, and he went on to have the best season any CB has had in a very long time. Revis Island was born.


This weekend, Andre Johnson and his Texans storm into the New Meadowlands Arena with payback on their mind. Revis, slowed by injuries thus far this season, has started to come into his own the last couple of weeks. He better be on his A game, because Johnson always is. Except that one game last season.