The New  York Jets roll into Cleveland this weekend with a chip on their shoulder. They have the best record in the leauge, but after their narrow victory over the Lions last week, they feel as if they are getting no respect. (cue the Rodney Dangerfield jokes). That’s what happens when you get outplayed by Detroit for 3 and a half quarters –people lose respect for you. Now its time for the Jets to get back to business, and dominate a game. It won’t be an easy task, and there are plenty of juicy storylines (is there any other way with these Jets?) heading into this weekend.

1.) Battle of the Ryans. Jets head coach Rex vs Browns defensive coordinator Rob. Both Ryans are known for their defense, so this should be a hard fought battle for 60 minutes, but at least they know that at the end of the day, its still a game, and it should be fun. Here is Coach Ryan(you figure out which one) having some fun pregame during the week :

New Yorks Head Coach Rex Ryan dressed up as his twin brother Rob.


2.) The Return of the Mangenius – This will be the first time the Jets play against their former head coach Eric Mangini since he was fired 2 years ago. The Browns have had their share of problems, but have turned it on as of late, with back to back victories over the defending Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots(1st place at the time). Mangini had an up and down time here in New York, and was criticized by some players after he left. Lets see how this plays out.


3.) Players swap – There hasn’t been any teams in the league in the past 2 years who have had as many players switch teams as the Browns-Jets. There are 7 players on the current Browns roster that were in New York within the past 2 seasons, as well as 3 Jets that were in Cleveland. Also, it was the Jets-Browns that made that infamous trade, which sent the overall #5 pick in the draft to the Jets in which they selected their quarterback. Some guy named Mark Sanchez, you might have heard of him.


The New York Jets are clearly the better team overall, but a road game in a tough environment, a lot of heated story lines, and an intense AFC clash will surely make this game one of the best of the weekend. Hopefully, the Jets prevail with another victory.


Lets Go Jets !