I said hard, not impossible.

And thats just what the Jets did this past weekend, stealing a victory from the Broncos with just over a minute left. The Broncos lead almost the entire game, except the last minute(which all that really matters). Denver players and fans will scream foul until their faces turn blue(and orange, get it?) about the pass interference call that lead to the Jets game winning touchdown. Short term memory obviously by them, being how the entire game the refs were one sided, calling everything in the Broncos favor. Yet somehow, these Jets didn’t fold, and came out on top.

Lets be real here, the Jets are a better football team than Denver is. The only thing Denver had going for them was that the game was in Denver, where the Broncos are extremely difficult to beat. Other then home field advantage, this game should’ve been a cake walk for the Jets. In true New York Jets fashion however, the game came down to a 4th down, desperation heave by Mark Sanchez. Magical play for a team that seems destined for a magical season(if disaster strikes, that last sentence was the jinx). Past Jets teams would’ve lost this game. Not this one.

Leading the division, and better yet the entire league, the Jets are the only team with 5 wins. This week they get their bye week, and then face a Green Bay Packers team at home on Halloween. Lets hope its treat for the Jets, the fans have been tricked enough.