SOJ (Same Old Jets) is a popular phrase defining the Jets because in our history, we are known to be choke artists. When ever expectations are high, we seem to falter. In our 47 year history, we have only 1 Super Bowl championship. We have seen years where we have only won 1 game (1996),  and years where we were the favorites and came in last (1999).

Do I really believe that this years Jets should be lumped in with the SOJ tag ? Not in the slightest. I have high hopes for this team (I have these feelings every year), so I might be a little biased, but with this cast of characters, I really feel like the Jets have what it takes to go all the way. With the best defense in the league, an above average special teams unit, all we really need is an average offense to make some noise throughout the league. That, my friends, is where the problem is.

Now, I attended the season opener against the Ravens, and lets start this off with a picture showing you the highlight of the Jets night :

Okay I’m just joking (kinda), but to be honest, the brand new stadium was beautiful inside and out. The team however, has its problems. Heres a rundown of what needs to happen to help this team out.

  1. Fire Brian Schottenheimer

Poof. Look at that, Super Bowl in our sights with just one move. Some fellow fans will agree with me, and some will say I am overreacting and it’s only been one game. Well, he’s been on our team for years now, and his conservative style always seems to kill us. I understand our quarterback Mark Sanchez is still a young, inexperienced QB, but you need to let him have some type of down the field passing plays. Last season, the Jets had the #1 ranked overall defense and running game. You would think that would make life easier for Sanchez, well your wrong. Getting back to Mondays game, I can’t remember a play that Schottenheimer let Sanchez throw pass longer then 20 yards. I don’t care if your playing a D-2 college team, your not winning a football game with that game plan.

The defense showed why its tops in the league, and the special teams unit also showed why its in the top 10 of the league. However, until the team figures out how to wake up the offense, the Jets are gonna have a hard time convincing their fan base, and the rest of the league that this years version shouldn’t be compared to that awful title.