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Game Of The Year.

There are many factors that can be used as evidence to help prove my point about Monday nights game between the Patriots and the Jets : This is the most intense regular season football game in the history of the NFL”. Yes, I said it, history. Before you start calling me crazy, really think about it. Heres a rundown..

  • Jets-Patriots is arguably the biggest and most intense rivalry in the NFL at the moment
  • Spygate (Patriots got caught stealing Jets signs from a hidden camera)
  • Bill Belicheck named Jets head coach, quits 1 day later
  • Countless number of players cut/signed by these teams during the week they play for inside information
  • Top records in the AFC East, AFC, NFL.
  • New York/New Jersey vs Boston

The list can go on and on, the winner of this game will most likely win the AFC East, and be guaranteed a first round bye in the playoffs, and home field advantage throughout the playoffs would be very likely. The loser, will be fighting for a wild card birth, with no home games in the playoffs.

There is always a heated game between these two teams, and there is never any added motivation needed to get the players amped up, but throw in all the playoff implications this game will determine, and you have an added level to this great rivalry. This game should be an instant classic, the pre game fireworks already are.


The Birth Of Revis Island

Last season, Opening Week.

New head coach, new rookie quarterback.

Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson, best WR in the league.

On the road against a very tough Houston Texans team.


This had all the makings for the Jets season to start off with an 0-1 record. In this league however, the games are won and lost on the football field, and not the headlines. That is when Darrelle Revis earns his paycheck. The Jets CB was given the job of containing Texans All-Pro WR Andre Johnson. Revis responded by shutting down Johnson, and instantly a star was born. Oh yeah, the Jets wound up winning that game too. But after the game, new coach Rex Ryan wasn’t the storyline. New quarterback Mark Sanchez wasn’t the storyline. It was Darrelle Revis who stole the show, and he went on to have the best season any CB has had in a very long time. Revis Island was born.


This weekend, Andre Johnson and his Texans storm into the New Meadowlands Arena with payback on their mind. Revis, slowed by injuries thus far this season, has started to come into his own the last couple of weeks. He better be on his A game, because Johnson always is. Except that one game last season.


Another game, another headline.

The New  York Jets roll into Cleveland this weekend with a chip on their shoulder. They have the best record in the leauge, but after their narrow victory over the Lions last week, they feel as if they are getting no respect. (cue the Rodney Dangerfield jokes). That’s what happens when you get outplayed by Detroit for 3 and a half quarters –people lose respect for you. Now its time for the Jets to get back to business, and dominate a game. It won’t be an easy task, and there are plenty of juicy storylines (is there any other way with these Jets?) heading into this weekend.

1.) Battle of the Ryans. Jets head coach Rex vs Browns defensive coordinator Rob. Both Ryans are known for their defense, so this should be a hard fought battle for 60 minutes, but at least they know that at the end of the day, its still a game, and it should be fun. Here is Coach Ryan(you figure out which one) having some fun pregame during the week :

New Yorks Head Coach Rex Ryan dressed up as his twin brother Rob.


2.) The Return of the Mangenius – This will be the first time the Jets play against their former head coach Eric Mangini since he was fired 2 years ago. The Browns have had their share of problems, but have turned it on as of late, with back to back victories over the defending Super Bowl Champions New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots(1st place at the time). Mangini had an up and down time here in New York, and was criticized by some players after he left. Lets see how this plays out.


3.) Players swap – There hasn’t been any teams in the league in the past 2 years who have had as many players switch teams as the Browns-Jets. There are 7 players on the current Browns roster that were in New York within the past 2 seasons, as well as 3 Jets that were in Cleveland. Also, it was the Jets-Browns that made that infamous trade, which sent the overall #5 pick in the draft to the Jets in which they selected their quarterback. Some guy named Mark Sanchez, you might have heard of him.


The New York Jets are clearly the better team overall, but a road game in a tough environment, a lot of heated story lines, and an intense AFC clash will surely make this game one of the best of the weekend. Hopefully, the Jets prevail with another victory.


Lets Go Jets !

Why The Jets Will Not Be Tricked This Weekend.

Fresh off a bye week, and still in the midst of a 5 game winning streak, the Jets face a tough test at the Meadowlands on Halloween this Sunday. The Green Bay Packers are their high flying passing offense come to town with victory on its mind. The Jets, regardless of who they play, get all the publicity in the world, not only because of all their off the field antics, but because they have the best record in the entire league. They definitely talk the talk, and are proving on the field that they walk the walk as well.

The Packers are a one dimensional offense, and that bodes well for Rex Ryans stingy Jets defense. They don’t have a running game, and with the Jets weakness being its pass defense, they can devote their game plan to stopping Aaron Rodgers and company. Rodgers will get his stats, I’m predicting 250+ yards and 2 touchdowns, but with no running game, and a defense that the Mark Sanchez won’t be scared of, expect the Jets win streak to be expanded to 6 games, and a happy Halloween for Jets fans this year.


Lets Go Jets !


It’s Hard To Win In Denver.

I said hard, not impossible.

And thats just what the Jets did this past weekend, stealing a victory from the Broncos with just over a minute left. The Broncos lead almost the entire game, except the last minute(which all that really matters). Denver players and fans will scream foul until their faces turn blue(and orange, get it?) about the pass interference call that lead to the Jets game winning touchdown. Short term memory obviously by them, being how the entire game the refs were one sided, calling everything in the Broncos favor. Yet somehow, these Jets didn’t fold, and came out on top.

Lets be real here, the Jets are a better football team than Denver is. The only thing Denver had going for them was that the game was in Denver, where the Broncos are extremely difficult to beat. Other then home field advantage, this game should’ve been a cake walk for the Jets. In true New York Jets fashion however, the game came down to a 4th down, desperation heave by Mark Sanchez. Magical play for a team that seems destined for a magical season(if disaster strikes, that last sentence was the jinx). Past Jets teams would’ve lost this game. Not this one.

Leading the division, and better yet the entire league, the Jets are the only team with 5 wins. This week they get their bye week, and then face a Green Bay Packers team at home on Halloween. Lets hope its treat for the Jets, the fans have been tricked enough.

Lights, Camera, Domination.

Before the game on Monday was delayed due to a heavy storm, there was plenty of lightning and thunder leading up to the Jets-Vikings showdown at the Meadowlands. Pick a headline, any headline. There was a boatload you could choose from. From the Randy Moss trade, to Brett Farves return and text message scandal with a former Jets female employee. Or you could go with the debut of two prominent Jets players, Calvin Pace back from injury to bolster an already stingy defense, and Santonio Holmes, back from suspension to aid an on-the-roll offense headed by Mark Sanchez. The best player on the Jets, Darelle Revis, also makes his comeback from a Week 2 injury against the hated Patriots, who just so happened to trade Randy Moss to the Vikings the exact week they play the Jets. Coincidence ? Yeah, thats what I thought.

The game was delayed almost an hour, and by the end of the game, the Jets had prevailed with a 29-20 victory to send Jets nation home with a 4 game winning streak. The game had many memorable moments, as former Jets quarterback Brett Farve hit a few milestones (good and bad) during the game. At the end though, when it mattered, Farve broke another record, a record I am sure he is not proud of. He leads the league in interceptions returned for touchdowns, which is what Dwight Lowery did with just over a minute left in the game to ice it for the home side.


Dwight Lowerys game winning touchdown.



On a personal note, I wanted to say RIP to my Uncle Philly. He passed away this week, and he was a major influence in my life. I miss you and will always love you. I’ll never forget you.


Jets sign Trevor Pryce

Trevor Pryce against the Jets in 2006.

The Jets defensive line just got a little bit better. In a surprising move, the Baltimore Ravens have cut DE Trevor Pryce, who was the teams leader in sacks just last year.  Earlier this morning, the Jets wasted no time in signing Pryce, and he is expected to report to Jets camp tomorrow.

Pryce, 35, is well familiar with Jets coach Rex Ryan, who used to be the defensive coordinator in Baltimore. John Harbaugh, the Ravens coach, had hoped to re-sign Pryce by the end of the week. “”You’ve got roster issues that you deal with. It’s not something we wanted to do,” Harbaugh said of the move. “Trevor is a big part of what we’re doing here, and we anticipate getting him back. It’s just what we had to do for now.”

Sucks to be you right now Baltimore, as a Jets fan I am very happy about this move, and I hope to see Pryce on the field this weekend against Buffalo.

Lets Go Jets !

Beware Of The “Trap Game”

Before we get into this weeks Jets-Bills matchup, lets have a quick recap of Sundays exciting win against the division leading Dolphins.

First things first, let me make this clear, my most hated NFL team is far and away the New England Patriots, but the Miami Dolphins are defiantly come in second. That is why losing to them twice (twice !) last season was inexcusable. That is why when the Jets came out firing, leading 14-0 in the first half, I will admit I got a little cocky, even went as far as talking trash to Dolphins fans I was around (shocking right?). Then, like clockwork, the Dolphins must have heard the infamous “Donny jinx” and rattled off 17 unanswered points to take the lead 17-14 in the third quarter. But this years team is different, it has a different vibe to it. Before the pessimists could even think about muttering the evil phrase “Same Old Jets”,  Mark Sanchez reeled in the biggest fish of the season (pun intended). Just one play after the Dolphins took the lead, Sanchez hit Braylon Edwards (remember him?) for a 67-yard touchdown, and the Jets never looked back.   In true Jets form though, the game came down to the last play, and as Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne was intercepted in the end zone, Jets Nation finally let out a sigh of relief. After all the turmoil, the negative headlines, the media bashing after their opening weekend flop, the New York Jets were finally where they were supposed to be – first place.

After the game, the Jets showed the league why they are different than the rest of the leauge. They showed why every team in the league hates them, and its simple… They talk the talk, and then they walk the walk, all while having fun in the process. It showed when Rex Ryan, the loud mouth head coach of the team, dumped a Gatorade cooler over a players head. I know, the player was former Miami Dolphins DE Jason Taylor, and it was a home-coming type game, but when have you ever heard of a coach dumping Gatorade on a player ? I won’t even get into the fact that it was only Week 3, Gatorade baths are usually given to the coach after a meaningful game (playoff clinching game, milestone game,playoff games, championships, farewell game). This was none of the above. It was just the Jets being the Jets. A bunch of loud mouth grown men that still remember that this is a game, and it should be fun. And that is the reason if their on your team, you love them, if they are your opponent, you hate them. And that is fine with the Jets, they actually enjoy it. “You don’t get a target on your back if your a bad team” said Rex Ryan. True words coach.

Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan

As for next weeks division game against the Buffalo Bills, it has all the makings to being a “trap game”. The Jets are coming off two tough division games, and now face the easiest of the AFC East. Division games in general are always tough, but lets be real, the Bills are awful. Yesterday they fired their quarterback that won the job during preseason. Things are getting ugly in Buffalo( I honestly didn’t think it could have gotten worse), and with a Monday Night game the following week against the Minnesota Vikings, the Jets need to be extra focused not to overlook the Bills. It would be very easy to do that, especially with all the sideshow drama the Jets-Vikings showdown (Farve returning) is going to receive. Add in the fact that Calvin Pace, the Jets best pass rusher, might be able to make his first start of the season after breaking his foot in the preseason, and you can see how the Jets might be  getting overly confident and losing this game. That would bring out the “Same Old Jets” comparisons, but like I said before, and I will say all season (hopefully) this years Jets are different.

Lets hope I’m right, and the Jets do what they are supposed to do, and that’s to take care of business in Buffalo, and come back to New Jersey still in first place.

Lets Go Jets !

PS, I felt the need to post this South Park clip because of last weeks victory over the annoying Miami Dolphins.

Enjoy :

Jets Flying High

Just when everything was going right for the New York Jets, disaster strikes in New York.  Braylon Edwards, the Jets star receiver, was arrested early Tuesday morning for DWI after his car was pulled over for having tints. This team is no stranger to bad publicity, just last week the organization made headlines for allegedly making inappropriate gestures and “catcalls” to a female reporter inside their locker room. What will this mean for Braylons future ? Well, this weekends upcoming game against the Miami Dolphins is in question, but his future with the team is also now a major question mark. A free agent to be, do the Jets really want to re-sign him to a multi-year deal in the off-season ? Time will tell, but for this teams sake, hopefully he plays his tail off and contribute to this team in a positive way for the remainder of the season.

Now, on to the teams on the field play. After last weeks miserable performance, the hated New England Patriots came to town after an impressive victory over the Bengals. If the Jets lost, they would fall to 0-2 on the season, and would continuously be ripped apart by the media. Worst of all, it would mean the Patriots, would be 2-0 and in first place in the division. There is no team I hate more then the Patriots, in any sport, and to be at such a disadvantage this early, in the most built up Jets season I can remember, it would be a crushing blow. As a Jets fan, however, you learn to expect these things over the years.

Fast forward to halftime. Patriots are winning 14-10, the Jets best defensive player, Darelle Revis, left the game due to a hamstring injury, and the offense is still as embarrassing as it was last week. Three Jameson on the rocks down, many to come. I’ve seen this before, the Jets are primed to give the fan-base another let down, the cruel New York media licking their chops, and the rival Patriots are well on their way to another victory.

Then something I didn’t expect to happen, well, happened. Mark Sanchez, the quarterback of the New York Jets, grew up before our very eyes. Having the best half of his young career, he outplayed the three time Super Bowl champion, his counterpart of the evening,
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Jets rallied and scored 18 unanswered points, defeating the Patriots 28-14. In just 30 game time minutes, the Jets fan-base turned their pain and suffering into ecstasy and euphoria. They put down their pitch forks and picked up their bottles.

Mark Sanchez after the Jets defeat the Patriots.

Next up, Sunday night against the Miami Dolphins in Miami. The Dolphins are in first place in the division, and are the only team that beat the Jets twice last season. Interesting story lines (like always with these Jets) lead up to this battle. The Jets coach, Rex Ryan, stirred up the rivalry in January. During a MMA fight, Ryan was interviewed over the jumbo tron and was repeatedly boo’d by the Miami crowd(go figure). As Ryan was leaving the arena, fans on their cell phones caught him giving the middle finger to the crowd. He also got into a verbal war with linebacker Channing Crowder. There is no love lost between these two teams, and with first place on the line, you better believe this game will be intense from the opening kick off. Actually, scratch that, it’s already intense.

Lets hope Braylon Edwards is sober enough to play this weekend, and we see more of this : Braylon Edwards taunting the Patriots after a TD.

And if he does play, and happens to score a touchdown, I’m hoping he walks in a straight line on the goal line as a celebration.

Lets go JETS !

Same Old Jets ?

SOJ (Same Old Jets) is a popular phrase defining the Jets because in our history, we are known to be choke artists. When ever expectations are high, we seem to falter. In our 47 year history, we have only 1 Super Bowl championship. We have seen years where we have only won 1 game (1996),  and years where we were the favorites and came in last (1999).

Do I really believe that this years Jets should be lumped in with the SOJ tag ? Not in the slightest. I have high hopes for this team (I have these feelings every year), so I might be a little biased, but with this cast of characters, I really feel like the Jets have what it takes to go all the way. With the best defense in the league, an above average special teams unit, all we really need is an average offense to make some noise throughout the league. That, my friends, is where the problem is.

Now, I attended the season opener against the Ravens, and lets start this off with a picture showing you the highlight of the Jets night :

Okay I’m just joking (kinda), but to be honest, the brand new stadium was beautiful inside and out. The team however, has its problems. Heres a rundown of what needs to happen to help this team out.

  1. Fire Brian Schottenheimer

Poof. Look at that, Super Bowl in our sights with just one move. Some fellow fans will agree with me, and some will say I am overreacting and it’s only been one game. Well, he’s been on our team for years now, and his conservative style always seems to kill us. I understand our quarterback Mark Sanchez is still a young, inexperienced QB, but you need to let him have some type of down the field passing plays. Last season, the Jets had the #1 ranked overall defense and running game. You would think that would make life easier for Sanchez, well your wrong. Getting back to Mondays game, I can’t remember a play that Schottenheimer let Sanchez throw pass longer then 20 yards. I don’t care if your playing a D-2 college team, your not winning a football game with that game plan.

The defense showed why its tops in the league, and the special teams unit also showed why its in the top 10 of the league. However, until the team figures out how to wake up the offense, the Jets are gonna have a hard time convincing their fan base, and the rest of the league that this years version shouldn’t be compared to that awful title.